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I am a passionate web developer, having 10 years of experience in Web Development and working as a full time PHP Developer for the last 5 years. I worked with various projects requiring variety of skills like MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Oracle DB, WordPress etc. For version management, I use Git / Bitbucket. My best strength is to learn new things very quickly. It won’t take more than a week for me to start work in a totally new environment. I am beginning my journey with MEAN Stack and covered most of the MEAN Stack 2.0. Just waiting to contribute to some projects so that I can add those to my portfolio. I prefer quality of coding instead of quantity of work. So if you are in a rush to finish a project without maintaining the standards, I am not the right guy for you. I am strict as much as possible on DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). I am always committed and dedicated to work and available online most of the time.

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